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This shoot took place during the period when I used to carry my gear with me all the time. I was driving to work at 6:30 a.m. in this thick fog, and even before I reached this spot I decided to stop by. I drive by it almost daily, and had already visioned it would work great under foggy conditions. I walked for a few minutes in search of a nice composition, snapped a few short exposures and a few long ones and left for work again.


The processing of this shot was quite simple, really. I decided to use two images to get more birds in the scene, so I started out placing the images on top of each other. Since the exposures where the same all I had to do was to mask out all of the top layer and then brush the couple of birds and their reflections visible again. After that I just increased the contrast. Finally I added a white vignette to focus the view on the island.

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