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One early autumn morning I had planned to shoot the sunrise at a spot I had scouted earlier. Driving there it turned out I could forget about the sunrise, since the fog kept creeping in, getting more dense by the minute. I decided to pull over and started looking around for alternative spots to shoot. One of the best calls that morning was to get real low on this driveway to get the foreground out of these dead leaves.


Although it was early fall and the leaves had started to fall already, to me the trees were still too green for the image. I started by drastically adjusting the green hue on the trees to yellow, as well as the yellow hue to red, to make it look as if the foliage was further into the fall already. As the sensor on the camera tries to make the images as clear as possible, it usually makes the fog disappear disappointingly well, so my next move was to add some in the center section on the image. I did this simply by brushing some appropriate color selected from the image with relatively opaque brush at the right spots. Carefully adjusting the contrast not to make my artificial fog to disappear again I tried to make the foreground leaves to pop out. Finally I added a custom vignette not to make the bright areas on the sides too dark, but to add some depth to the foreground and the upper part of the image.

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