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Although it can be disappointing that the weather most of the time fails you when shooting, say, sunsets, it can be turned to an advantage if you happen to be interested in creating composite images. In this one I’m on the shore of Porkkalanniemi, getting as low as I can in the water, facing where the sunset was fifteen minutes ago. The light of the fading sun still lit the stones to create a nice glowing effect to where I was going to put the milky way and some eerie mist. This was one of the first images I shot deliberately for a composite images, and to me it’s one of the best I have created yet. The milky way image is shot at the same location on another trip.


I started out by making some room in the upper part of the image by changing the size of the canvas in Photoshop. Then I placed the milky way shot on top of the base layer and masked in out to fit my needs. After color correcting the layers to match each other, I started to add contrast and layers to create the glow, and finished with a really heavy vignette to further focus the eye of the viewer on the milky way.

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