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The Oak

The Oak

The Oak was shot during one of the first short shooting trips I ever did. In Finland there is no dark hours around the midsummer, and after scouting few spots we ended up at this massive oak not far from where I live at around 2 a.m. The light of the sun is still visible above the horizon, but it is obvious that it’s night time. That, combined with the fog gathering on the field, created a perfect gloomy feel to the shot.


It was so moist that my timer wouldn’t co-operate, so I had to go with two 30s exposures at different ISO values. I used the basic methods of exposure blending to blend a dark exposure with the sky to a brighter one with the detail in the foregrond. After the short blending process I cloned out the distracting power lines on the left and slightly adjusted the colors and the contrast. After that I strengthened the fog by simply brushing more of it at a low opacity at the right areas and finished it off with a vignette.

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